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Batching System is a suitable system to handle the ingredient mixing and monitoring of mixer to enable a consistent product mix, less operator fatigue and avoid unnecessary human intervention in the production as well for energy efficient manufacturing process.

To deployed this, MKI can provide a system, which is modular in design upgradeable to various levels of Automation enabling data Capture and automatic feedback based process automation. This system shall ensure consistency of operation, reduce human fatigue and also establish a detailed production report on the batching process.

All the above sub systems will be controlled through a Centralised PLC or Microcontroller which monitors and controls all the parameters individually and collectively.

Human Machine Interface System is used for uploading the recipe and recording the parameters for all process which ensures the report generation and accumulates the batch data and produces the following reports for individual sections as well as overall for the batch:

Batch report : Daily, batch wise, from date to to-date reports will be provided
Production report : Batch number wise production detail will be available from date to to-date
Consumption report : Material wise consumption details will be available from date to to-date.
Recipe report : Complete recipe report based on recipe number wise composition detail will be available.
Alarm report : All alarms generated will be logged during the process of batching and separate report with time and date stamp will be provided.

Our applications are :

  • Chemical Industry
  • Concrete Mixing Industry
  • Feed Meals Industry
  • Food and Beverages Industry
  • Pharmacy Industry
  • etc.

Supporting Controller :

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Control)
  • Microcontroller

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) :

  • Wonderware Software
  • MKI of HMI Software

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